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Welcome to WeatherALL Coating Technologies and our sister companies Scientific Chemical, TrussDeck™ Global Building Systems and Eagle Shield Technologies™.

Welcome to WeatherAll Coating Systems!
We extend this diverse corporation of 42 years with 69 U.S. patents and many decades of professional engineering and installation know-how our resources to our distributors and customers. Developing partnerships is key for successful business. Our company welcomes you to join us in our worldwide committment to provide innovative, useful, economical and durable coating and material technologies to everyone around the world. We are continually striving to meet future challenges and to contribute to advance materials technologies giving our world a better place to live.

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We are a USA chemical science, product manufacturing and engineering materials technology company governed by the fundamental principals of integrity, innovation, quality and continuous improvement. Our committment is to continuosly develop and supply the lastest technologies in performance materials and coatings for the industrial, commercial and residential markets.

We manufacture and distribute material systems domestically and internationally. Our domestic headquarters is located in Fort Lauderdale, FL and branched with three other offices in the U.S regarding chemical laboratories, product manufacturing and technical sales. Our International representatives are located in Toronto Canada, Qatar, Great Britain, Czech Republic and Dominican Republic.

Quality and Committment

Research and Development




We believe in the superior quality and outstanding material perfromance to deliver the utmost satisfaction to our customers. The best method to obtain this is for us to offer complete installation and engineering services for our customer's projects. There is no finger-pointing when it comes down to material supplier and contractor and warranty. This is why we utilize our professionally trained installation teams to apply our materials systems. Although our products are designed for ease of application by conscientious installers, we offer full domestic and international expert installation teams for large demanding projects.

Research and Development

Research and Development





We believe the foundation to long-lasting quality products is through dedicated research and testing. Our team of scientists, engineers and in-field technicians work together to develop comprehensive trustworthy performance coating systems which are designed to provide friendly ease of application and outstanding benefits to the end users.

Product Manufacturing




Our manufacturing facilities are designed for accurate and quality blending of many different resin systems. We pride ourselves in cleanliness and timeliness within production demands. Our employees believe in our common goal of delivering the highest in quality products with care, respect and appreciation to our customers.

Engineering Project Support



A very important concern of ours is the customer's understanding of how to use our products for a particular application. We believe in the education and knowledge of proper preparation, mixing, adhesion and overall asthetic and longevity of the resultant installation. Please contact our Engineering Technical Support Groups to handle your next project to engineer the solution, determine the required material performance system to use and provide the qualified installation team.

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Fully Warrantied Engineered Installation



WeatherALL's quality installation services offer the complete all-in-one comprehensive warranty policy to all clients receiving full project engineering, materials system selection and application installation. These chemical materials systems are directed towards professional installers who understand the nature, performance characteristics and sensitivites of the particular material systems. The complete applicator must possess the knowledge of the preparation of different surfaces, optional application tools and equipment, environmental effects, proper application procedures, materials processing and handling and operational understanding regarding safety, dangers and disposal. We work diligently to be sure that all material systems sold are to very responsible individuals. Our goal is use chemicals wisely and safely while providing customer satisfaction harnessing the power of super molecules.

Marketing Affiliates



WeatherALL Coating Technologies, Scientific Chemical, TrussDeck™ and Eagle Shield Technologies™ are resource connected. Each separately works directly with the marketing promotions company Affiliate Group Network (AGN). AGN deploys our "Product Marketing Ads" throught its network of business affiliates. If you would like to assist in marketing our subsidiary companies' products within your online marketing strategy, you may contact AGN and express your interest. AIMED Corporation companies provides competitive compensation for assisting with the market of any or all of our groups' company products. Please contact our Marketing Group for pre-built product graphic ads, media relations, News Article Releases or Product Promotions.   Email: