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WeatherAll Coatings Residential Division produces home coating systems with freindly application and with extreme performance. Shown below is the complete Product Line & Technical Data (TDS) sheets. SDS health sheets may be aquired upon established user account. Please contact our Engineering and/or our Technical Support Groups to determine which material system would be the best choice for the required material performance specifications and the accompanying installation environment. These chemical systems deliver specified ranges of materials properties which defines their performance baseline. To obtain the designed material's properties performance and its accompanying warranty all specific material and application procedures must be explicity followed. If shortcuts are taken and/or application machines and proper surface condition preparation are not within material system's application guidlines the material warranty may be disclaimed.

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The Residential Product Line consists of 1K and 2K material systems. These materials are long pot life and easy clean-up friendly for homeowner installation. one-component paint-like coating warranted to last a lifetime. This chemical technology has been designed to deliver a tough-flexible, high-abrasion resistant extremely durable exterior protective coating for residential and commercial applications. WeatherALL Lifetime Residential dries quickly within 15 minutes, even at low 50°F temperatures, and offers extreme durability within an operating environment of -10°F to 120°F. The slick plastic-like feeling finish inhibits fungus and mold growth and is easily cleanable with garden hose pressure, high pressure power washer or hand brush and detergent. When damage occurs to this material surface, it is easily repairable using standard painting techniques. This material may be spray applied using a standard airless sprayer, hand roller or brush. Please see our Decorative Commercial page showing stylish textures which may be incorporated into your Lifetime Residential coating. Please be sure to visit the Application Tools page for details of required equipment and preparation guidelines. Product brochure is available via the following link:   Lifetime Residential Brochure. Packaging:   375 gal Totes, 52 gal. Drums, 5 gal. Pails.

Lifetime Residential™ 1K

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Lifetime Primer

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Lifetime Residential™ 2K

Blast Mitigation Polyurea CoatingClick to Product TDS Page