Advanced Materials Technology from the Chemical Labs of Scientific Chemical™
  • blast protection materials
  • home protective coatings
  • protective coatings
  • blast protection materials
  • PreCast Concrete Coating


WeatherALL Coating Technologies Industrial Division delivers outstanding performance properties for applications invloving steel and concrete infrastructure protection. Let our advanced materials and coating technologies along with our on-site project engineering and our behind the scenes chemical materials laboratory resources work for your projects. Our committment is to deliver a warranted high quality professional job.


WeatherALL's Installation Services Groups offer the complete all-in-one comprehensive warranty policy for every type of project no matter how what the size. We continously strive to deliver exceptional quality and on-time scheduled completion. Our project engineering and field support groups jointly decide which material systems and application processses are to be used from start to finish. If specialized material systems are required our material development laboratory and sister company Scientific Chemical's is at ready to fully engage to assit in determining the best solution. Please contact our Engineering Technical Support Group to provide you with a complete project pricing and timing quotation.

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